Pedro Branco presented at Indoor Air 2022 conference

Pedro Branco made an oral presentation at the Indoor Air 2022 conference at Kuopio, Finland, with the title: "Schools' indoor air associated with childhood asthma: evidence from a multipollutant approach".

SAVE THE DATE – Final Seminar of the SENSINAIR project

Aiming to disseminate and discuss the project's main results, SENSINAIR team is organising a seminar on July 15th, 2022. Detailed information about the programme, how to participate and registration will be available soon.

SENSINAIR will be at INDOOR AIR 2022

From 12th to 16th June 2022, Sofia Sousa, Pedro Branco and Juliana Sá will attend the Indoor Air 2022 - 17th Conference of the International Society for Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ), in Kuopio, Finland. SENSINAIR researchers will present two oral communications and organise a workshop entitled: “How to quantify impacts of low-cost solutions to mitigate Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) in schools?”.

SENSINAIR will be in a conference in Greece

PhD student Hiten Chojer will present an oral communication on the 13th International Conference on Air Quality - Science and Application, that will occur in Thessaloniki, Greece, from June 27th to July 1st, 2022.


Hiten Chojer in the CHAMELEONS conference

Hiten Chojer gave poster and oral presentation in CHAMELEONS conference in University College Dublin. He was awarded runner-up for the best poster presentation by the jury.


SENSINAIR Co-PI Fernando Martins was the invited speaker at the 50th LEPABE Talks, on May 5th, 2022. In the communication entitled “The Digitalization and The Chemical Engineering: A Few Thoughts” he spoke about the role of artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning tools, including examples of the work that has been developed in the SENSINAIR project regarding the development of advanced calibration models for low-cost sensors.

New review paper published

SENSINAIR team just published a new review paper. This paper, entitled “Application of the low-cost sensing technology for indoor air quality monitoring: A review” was published in the Environmental Technology & Innovation journal, and presents a systematic review of recent publications that compared low-cost sensors/devices with reference instruments for indoor air quality monitoring, both in controlled conditions (laboratory) as well as in real context (in-field).
The paper can be found here:

New paper published

In a collaborative work between the SENSINAIR team in Portugal and in São Paulo (Brazil), the paper “Heterogeneous impacts of mobility restrictions on air quality in the State of Sao Paulo during the COVID-19 pandemic” was published in the renowned journal Environmental Pollution.
This paper can be found here:

New paper published

SENSINAIR tem has published another paper. The paper entitled “On-field performance test and calibration of two commercially available low-cost sensors devices for CO2 monitoring" was published in the International Journal of Environmental Impacts.
The paper can be found here:

New paper published

SENSINAIR team published a new paper entitled “Radon in Indoor Air: Towards Continuous Monitoring” in the Sustainability journal. This is a pioneer study that reports for the first time results of the comparison between using low-cost and reference-grade continuous active radon detectors for short-term monitoring in nursery and primary schools.
The paper can be found here:


Hiten Chojer convidado para palestra na Universidade de Woxsen, India

Hiten Chojer was invited to give a lecture on the topic "Air Quality Monitoring and Its Growing Importance in Indoor Environments" by Woxsen University, India, presenting some of the SENSINAIR results.

Hiten Chojer was awarded a PhD scholarship from FCT

In the scope of SENSINAIR, and with a workplan entitled “Towards reducing the health impact of indoor air pollution in schools – development and calibration of intelligent low-cost sensor devices”, the candidate Hiten Chojer was awarded a 4-years PhD schoolarship in the FCT Call for PhD Research Studentships.

SENSINAIR at the Air Pollution 2021

Researchers Joana Barbosa, Juliana Sá and Hiten Chojer participated in the 29th International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution (Air Pollution 2021), online. They presented, respectively, the following oral communications: “Functional groups characterization of indoor particulate matter in schools”, “Indoor VOC concentrations at nursery and primary schools: Impact of COVID-19 preventive measures” and “On-field performance test and calibration of two commercially available low-cost sensors devices for CO2 monitoring”.
The associated publications are available at:

SENSINAIR in the Doctoral Congress Engineering 2021

PhD students Hiten Chojer and Juliana Sá participated in the 4th Doctoral Congress Engineering (June 28th-29th , 2021), respectively with an oral and a poster communication containing SENSINAIR results, entitled “Real-world performance of low-cost ozone sensors and on-field calibration using machine learning” and “Impact of COVID-19 prevention measures on CO2 in a primary school – preliminary results”.
Juliana received the best poster award.

SENSINAIR in the Healthy Buildings Europe 2021 conference

Through the researchers Juliana Sá and Hiten Chojer, SENSINAIR project was responsible for 2 sessions in the conference Healthy Buildings Europe 2021 - Workshop 338: “Value of sensors for end users - indoor air quality; based on experiences from innovation projects”, that occurred online on June 23rd, 2021. Sofia Sousa, PI of SENSINAIR, was co-chair of this workshop.


Pedro Branco, SENSINAIR researcher, was the invited speaker at the 8th LEPABE Talks, on July 30th, 2020, with a presentation entitled: “Indoor air pollution in schools: Towards solving the problem”. The researcher talked about the topic of indoor air quality in schools and its impacts, showing methodologies and results from both his PhD studies and several projects in which he participated, including SENSINAIR.

SENSINAIR partipated in EUGLOH Summer School

PhD students Juliana Sá and Hiten Chojer participated in the EUGLOH (European University Alliance for Global Health) Summer School “Biomedical Data Processing and Global Aspects of COVID-19”. This event took place from July 6th to 10th, 2020. This even was organised by the University of Szeged, Hungary.

New paper published

SENSINAIR team published a paper entitled “Impact of indoor air pollution in nursery and primary schools on childhood asthma” in the renowned journal Science of The Total Enviromnent. This paper concludes about the respiratory health impacts on children due to the indoor air pollution exposure in nursery and primary schools.
The paper can be found here:

New review paper published

SENSINAIR team published the new review paper “Development of low-cost indoor air quality monitoring devices: Recent advancements” in the Science of the Total Environmental journal. This paper presents a systematic review of 35 projects on the development of low-cost sensors based devices to monitor indoor air quality.
This paper can be found here::

SENSINAIR participated in the INDAIRPOLLNET ECI Training School

From 26th to 28th February 2020, Pedro Branco participated in the Early Career Investigators (ECI) Training School from the COST Action INDAIRPOLLNET (Indoor Air Pollution Network). This event took place at EUPHORE chamber, Valencia, Spain.
Dedicated to Early Career Researchers, this training school was an important opportunity to discover the EUPHORE atmospheric chamber, as well as to have training in topics like designing and presenting a scientific poster, and writing and pitching proposals for funding.

1st SENSINAIR Workshop – Urban Air Pollution and Health

The 1st SENSINAIR WORKSHOP was dedicated to the topic “Urban Air Pollution and Health”, and took place from 16th to 19th December 2019, at FEUP, Porto, Portugal.
This event gathered not only SENSINAR researchers (from both Porto and São Paulo teams), but also other researchers interested in this topic. In a hands-on approach along those four days, researchers had the opportunity to learn and share knowledge about this topic.
Half of this event was dedicated to the project meeting, important to make an update of the work developed so far by the teams in Porto and São Paulo, as well as to prepare the future planned activities.

Announcement: 1st SENSINAIR Workshop - Urban Air Pollution and Health

The 1st SENSINAIR WORKSHOP will take place from 16th to 19th December 2019, at Department of Chemical Engineering, FEUP, Porto, Portugal. It will have open sessions (free, but mandatory registration) mainly dedicated to Urban Air Pollution and Health, and closed sessions (exclusive for SENSINAIR team members) namely project meeting and technical visit.

For more information and registration, please contact

Registrations are now open. Download the program of this workshop here:

SENSINAIR present at WeBIOPATR 2019 Workshop and Conference

Pedro Branco and Juliana Sá presented results from the SENSINAIR project at the 7th International WeBIOPATR Workshop and Conference “Particulate Matter: Research and Management”, that took place in October 1st-3rd, in Belgrade, Serbia.
As a co-author, Pedro Branco presented results from a preliminary literature review entitled: “Integration of low-cost particulate matter sensor nodes for indoor air quality monitoring”. Juliana Sá presented preliminary results from the SENSINAIR project: “Performance of commercial low-cost devices to assess indoor particulate matter in nursery and primary schools”.
Discover more about this conference in


SENSINAIR coordinator in Portugal, Sofia Sousa, and Junior Researcher Pedro Branco, participated in the 2nd Annual Meeting of COST Action INDAIRPOLLNET "Improving indoor air quality". This meeting took place in September 25-27th, in Porto, Portugal.
Pedro Branco was awarded best oral presentation at INDAIRPOLLNET Early Career Investigators Workshop that occurred in the first day of the meeting, with the work "Indoor Air Quality in Nursery and Primary Schools: Impacts on Childhood Asthma".
SENSINAIR results will also contribute to the INDAIRPOLLNET. Discover more at

SENSINAIR presented at 3rd Doctoral Congress in Engineering

With a presentation entitled "Low-cost portable sensors for air quality monitoring", PhD student Hiten Chojer participated in the Symposium on Environmental Engineering as part of the 3rd Doctoral Congress in Engineering.
This event took place at FEUP, from 27th a 28th June 2019.

SENSINAIR present at Air Pollution 2019

During the "Air Pollution 2019 - 27th International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution", Juliana Sá presented an oral communication entitled "Children's exposure to indoor air in schools - impact on wheezing".
This conference took place at University of Aveiro, Portugal, from 26th to 28th June 2019.

SENSINAIR coordinator in Portugal present at WHO workshop

Sofia Sousa, SENSINAIR coordinator in Portugal, participated as specialist in the panel session “The Urban Health Initiative – UHI: Assessing the health and economic impacts of sectorial action against air pollution”, organized by the World Health Organization.
This event took place in Geneva, Switzerland, on October 29th, 2018, as part of the WHO’s First Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health.

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